Monday, October 22, 2012

YouTube homework ahead of next week #mtw3

Next week there is another fairly intensive phase for #mtw3 . Monday mostly based on Facebook, Tuesday Cloudworks and Wednesday on LinkedIn. My colleague Will Pollard will be on the Wild Show on Thursday morning and they may include some management theory between the music tracks.

The videos work best through Facebook but here is now about 5 hours. So this could take up most of a day. Please have a look during this week.

The new one is from Frances Pinter a couple of years ago but I notice it may be updated during Online Information.

Knowledge Unlatched is based at the Work Foundation. Previously extracts from a podcast were played on the Wild Show. The issues around academic publishing are a useful focus for discussions about innovation. So please have a look at this one, only 25 minutes.

Science 2 is an hour and a half. Not sure how to break this up, please post a video comment or something if you have some ideas.

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