Friday, October 5, 2012

Update on October event, Google doc now public

Apologies for the small size of the box on the previous post. You might think that Blogger and Google were well integrated but I can't find how to change the code I copied. So I have changed the Google Doc settings to be public and you can find the doc HERE.

By the way, Google has also changed my name to George Fox as I appear on the comment history. Not sure why.

Just in case, here is the text-

Management Theory at Work Three
Probable shape for #mtw3 28th-30th Oct 2012
This event is online but there will be face to face later at the Work Foundation


John Burgoyne  videos or restatement

End of Leadership
State of Salvation

concentrate on YouTube and Facebook

continues as #Design and #Ethics


more on #design and learning

Concentrate on Cloudworks as site and case study


close with Work Foundation response to "End of Leadership" and publishing as cases
( can relate back to any form of publishing previously mentioned)
May continue connected to Futures Conference at London College of Communication Nov 7-9

concentrate on LinkedIn (assumed used by Work Foundation audience)

LinkedIn #mtw3 has topics for #Design #Ethics #Publish, also #Virtual see below


The virtual aspect is in background for the f2f . So far there has been little interest in Twinity. It can continue online but is not essential for the agenda above. There may be a link with academic publishing or promotion. Continues on Wild Show, Phonic FM Nov 1st

search on “#mtw3”                 

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