Monday, October 29, 2012

Burgoyne Keynote now starts with shorter clips #mtw3

This week there is another update on the Management Theory at Work content. It seems to have a basis in design science for organisation and teaching. The conclusion at the Work Foundation could well be around academic publishing though sound is another example. The mergers of publishers could follow a pattern seen with record labels.

Will Pollard has loaded to Soundcloud a couple of clips from John Burgoyne's talk at #MAMLLnet which is also a keynote for #mtw3. There has been feedback that the full video on YouTube is too long. Both these sound clips are under five minutes. Personally I think that five hours of video is not too much to suggest as the equivalent of a day event. Then again I notice that the Work Foundation often arranges events for a couple of hours starting with breakfast. Maybe everything has to be quicker.

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Soundcloud has a feature that comments can be added at precise moments in the talk. Please give this a try. I think there will also be a version on YouTube later but commenting here seems less well known.

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