Friday, August 24, 2012

LinkedIn topic on new topics for future #mtw3

On the LinkedIn site there is a chance to define issues for future discussion. Copied here for info-

This discussion is to identify three or four new topics that will continue #mtw3.
Starts with note from John Burgoyne.
End of Leadership and a State of Salvation
Followed by three main inter-related strands:
1.) More scientific leadership (as well as human relations)
2.) More ethical etc. leadership
3.) Virtual leadership
so these three could be rephrased as new discussions.
Also John Burgoyne has claimed that new web companies such as Google and Apple do not consult with Business Schools. Is this true? Do they consult with anyone? Do they use formal quality systems? How to define them anyway?
Linda Shelton • Quote from John notes - "Why are the new organisations, google, eBay, facebook etc. largely or entirely absent from Business School client lists (need to check if this is true, think it is)."
Scientific Leadership could relate to quality ideas but not much recent about this. Design Science still not widely understood though Wild Show radio a start ( clips on YouTube maybe later today ) ethics see Bronwen Rees on Cloudworks I think virtual leadership may relate to academic publishing, they will try anything for promotion

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