Tuesday, August 7, 2012

22 - 24th August #mtw3 revision ahead of #crossmedia12

The summer seems to be drifting along but towards the end of August will be a good time for another look at #mtw3. There may still be a "face-to-face" at the Work Foundation later this year but I think there is a role for an online aspect concentrated in time. My colleague Will Pollard will be attending Cross Media Live in Islington early in September. This will include a look at digital media as well as print. #mtw3 could assist with theory for coping with disruption in organisations as well as preparing for new information on available technology.

Conferences online are not limited for the number of streams or the timing for any conversation. So far #mtw3 has covered various sites and often gone off into other groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. I think we should show all the links available. This blog will be updated but I find a Google search on #mtw3 works quite well. Topsy is also good for Twitter and other social media.

The dates of 22-24th August will be shown with a detailed list of topics for each day but things may not work out quite as intended. For the next week or so please make suggestions around the following outline.

22nd starts with YouTube and Facebook. It is harder to link to video on LinkedIn. Although there is an updated video for John Burgoyne the earlier version is still getting most views. The later one has actual video, not just the slides. So aim number one is to get this ahead of the  earlier one in YouTube views.

Out of this there could be discussion on "scientific leadership" and how to avoid traffic jams in China. On Facebook there is our own group ( search #mtw3 ) and also lots about virtual worlds and quality. This group on Bookfairs will find the others and relates to our themes ( see below).  There is also a group looking at educational policy guidelines from UNESCO.

On the 23rd we could look at Cloudworks both as an example of an e-learning project and for the clouds on
#mtw3, plan-do-check/study-act, and the Winterludes so far. PDC/SA may connect with "scientific leadership" and with design. Diana Laurillard recently wrote about teaching as design science. John Burgoyne has also written about leadership and design science but I am not sure if design science is widely understood.
The Winterludes are periods of time in mid winter when trade shows happen, usually including Online Information and BETT. This year starts with Cross Media Live and BETT Radio.

Of course there is a dark side to the clouds, just like everything else. The book "Cloud Time" has a lot of good points to make and somehow much of it turns up on Google Books. Although #mtw3 is promoted on the Critical Management site there have not yet been as many comments as may come later.

As the aim is to eventually arrive face-to-face at the Work Foundation, the third day will look at the Work Foundation website for views on leadership and innovation. Will John Burgoyne persuade anyone to think differently about leadership? The Big Innovation Centre has a project called Knowledge Unlatched that relates to academic publishing. Ahead of Cross Media Live this could be an occasion to look at social media in relation to print models. The focus will be on LinkedIn, search on "#mtw3".

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