Tuesday, August 7, 2012

22nd -24th August update re Design!?

While checking the links in the previous post I had a better look at the Critical Management site. They have now uploaded a video to YouTube with a keynote from Design!?

The slides are here. Powerpoint.You may need them as well to watch the video. This is very welcome that critique ideas are so available. With all the talk about design and design science it is useful to have a three dimensional diagram in mind. I think this video should be watched on day two alongside the Cloudworks discussion. Cloudworks is a form of design.

The CMS YouTube channel is here. I wonder if they have considered a Creative Commons licence so the Remix button would show up? Somebody might edit in the slides so it was easier to follow. Still, a single camera for forty minutes is an advance on a journal article protected by  a password.

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