Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Agenda for #mtw3 22-24 Aug

The code worked ok but the document is too small so here it is again-

22nd 23rd  24th August #mtw3 Online
Test Management Theory at Work Three

22nd  Concentrates on YouTube and Facebook

Keynote from John Burgoyne-

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCboBk-lYp0    follow links to part two

End of Leadership and a State of Salvation
Followed by three main inter-related strands:
1.) More scientific leadership (as well as human relations)
2.) More ethical etc. leadership
3.) Virtual leadership
Explore YouTube through Facebook for more clips, including Design Science and Teaching as a Design Science. Many themes from Diana Laurillard recent book are also in talks as video. Scientific leadership could relate to quality ideas. There is also a talk by Gibson Burrell on a 3D model of factors in design.

23rd Concentrates on Cloudworks

Cloudworks is a case study in organisation and online learning as well as a store of content.
There is already a cloud for #mtw3 http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/6043

“The Methods and Development of Crucible Research” follows a paper at the second conference. http://www.bronwenrees.co.uk/articles
This relates to ethical leadership.

In the morning there will be a radio show on Phonic FM including talk about a “design science DJ”. (like the rest of the project this is a test and may have several attempts till a recording is worth keeping)

24th Summary on LinkedIn

A look at the Work Foundation and innovation. Will there be any change in the approach to leadership? Knowledge Unlatched is a project for academic publishing that will connect with the strand on virtual leadership. Several changes have been noticed. The Grove Journal with an article by John Burgoyne was made available for free download through Scribd. Papers from the Networked Learning Conference are published online by Lancaster University, not as hard copy as previously. Similar cases may be noted at Cross Media in September.

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