Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Online version of #mtw3 conference considers a YouTube channel

There will be a sequence of online activity during March. Previously the social media versions of Management Theory at Work have assumed that a face to face version would follow. After a few attempts at this it now seems more likely that #mtw3 continues mostly online with links to content that comes from other situations. There is continuing interest in the video clips on YouTube from the talks by John Burgoyne and the playlist with a selection from various sources.

Recently Will Pollard wrote on Pulse / LinkedIn about a possible YouTube channel. As far as I know it is still unclear what is possible through YouTube. But it seems to be getting closer to a situation where some sort of subscription can be on offer. There may be other platforms as well but YouTube is a good place to start. The final week in March will look at the prospect in some detail.

The topics for March will follow roughly the sequence and timescale of the top topic on the LinkedIn page-

2nd March    Intro - End of Leadership and State of Salvation
9th                 More on Scientific Leadership
16th              More on Ethical Leadership
23rd              More on Virtual Leadership   ,   to include how to launch a YouTube Channel

So far the production values in the video have been very low level. There will need to be an investment to reach a standard where subscriptions are reasonable. Some sort of crowd funding could help to get over this cash problem. Any examples of success in crowd funding would be welcome.

Possibly some of the rewards for supporters could include journal articles that are usually hard to find or limited to academics with university passwords. The aim of #mtw3 is to make connections. Would publishers relax some copyright protection as part of such an appeal? There may be some promotion aspect to it. Meanwhile I hope to find links to versions that are available in public. I think there is enough to make a start.

On the Pulse article above there is a graphic showing a visit to Second Life. I know that Will believes that avatars could be a low budget approach to a studio with links. I am not so sure it would be much cheaper than a Hangout or even a small studio. I know that when a conference at the Work Foundation was considered it was also suggested that a virtual set be created on Twinity or similar. Is there still a budget for this? How much would a scan cost. To be continued in March but just to point out that avatars will require some sort of resource.

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