Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March update, YouTube channel still ok, maybe subs later

The March phase around YouTube clips is now coming to an end. It has worked well though still on a small scale. There is not enough momentum to launch a YouTube channel as the examples we have looked at are from the music scene on a different level of volume.

However something is changing. The announcement of Tidal yesterday shows that there is a basis for subscription channels with reasonable quality streaming of sound and video. There is an option even in the UK for a Google music subscription that removes the ads from music video on YouTube. There must eventually be a service for documentary and lecture style content. #mtw3 could contribute to this or develop in various ways. For a while it will continue as part of Rougemont Global Broadcasting, also known as Will Pollard channel on YouTube. The playlists are able to include content from other sources.

In August there will be a day meeting in Exeter with a focus on Phonic FM as a case study in managed change. Issues around web streaming and FM will be part of the discussion.

I can accept that virtual worlds have not been part of the #mtw3 month this time. Avatars could provide a continuity announcement service for a channel but even a virtual studio requires a budget. Camera operators have to make time available and there is still a need for editing. I still spend most of my time in Twinity but I realise that social media now offer an alternative reality that is convincing enough for many occasions. Facebook are investing in goggles but this is just the next extension for imagination. I certainly don't feel out of place on LinkedIn where public identity is often constructed.

I guess #mtw3 will continue though at a slower pace. This blog will not be updated very often. Since Google stopped blogsearch there has been less traffic for most blogs. They seem to prefer short posts on social media. I will be contributing to the group on LinkedIn - search for "Towards #mtw3"

Comment also please on the YouTube clips, look for "mtw3 Burgoyne" and then the filter for this year. Or add a comment or another video. It is getting easier to record on a phone. Conferences may just emerge as a mesh, not need much finance for a channel.

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