Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The immediate future is online, but some time planning around March next year

There are some signs that real events are becoming more difficult to arrange. Maybe this is just my impression from a virtual world but I look forward to comments if this is way off from what most people notice. It could be pressure of time so that conferences over two or three days are no longer easy to fit into a schedule.

Whatever the reason, I am now thinking about #mtw3 as online only for the next few months. The only sequencing will be to work through the videos on the YouTube playlist. This takes about five hours if you play each one. I will be looking for the suggestions as there could well be updates.

I will also work through the discussion on LinkedIn. Search on #mtw3 to find the group.

Twitter needs another look also. Apologies that I have let this slip over the summer. The name shows up as mtw3 but the actual Twitter address is @mtw34 . I think I may have already joined previously and then lost the password or something. But I will definitely pay more attention to Twitter. #mtw3 finds some other topics as well but woiuld work better with more use.  I think the move online is not a bad sign. As a conference event #mtw3 may appear not to be happening on any scale, but the issues are moving on. Things may be obvious but still worth repeating now and again.

The virtual worlds are still there also. I won't go on about this but hope the topic will be included once some other issues are sorted out.

In March 2015 I propose to publish a schedule so that there is some sort of structure and sequence for topics. The dates could fit with actual events if any are suggested. Please have a think about this.

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