Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Google doc for #mtw3 this quarter, please add or comment here

There is a new Google doc available to cover the next few months. It is mostly #tags but starts with the John Burgoyne talks on YouTube and Soundcloud. These are updates from the keynote at the first Management Theory at Work conference. The #tags cover the main issues that have appeared so far. See the LinkedIn group.

#BSclients is about why internet companies usually do not consult with business schools. we have not any comment that this is not the case.

#Design includes Design Science. In theory this relates to management as well as learning.

#Publishing has been added. Personally I hope that we will get back to #Virtual but I can see that IPEX is mostly about print so this is often assumed as an obvious form of publishing. Why not invest in more virtual worlds instead of binding equipment. But I know this is just me and my avatar friends. BETT is probably still mostly about publishing in print, I notice Ricoh will be there.

After BETT and/or IPEX there could be a loop back to John Burgoyne and how to publish aspects of his talk. Some of the books may be revised soon. There is a Kindle version of a Manager's Guide To Self Development so other formats may work as well.

The doc can be downloaded to scribble on or else please add comments.

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  1. Thanks Linda I notice there is a session at BETT on technology in higher education.
    http://www.bettshow.com/Seminar/An-overview-of-the-impact-of-technology-on-learning-in-Higher-Education Steve Ryan previously contributed to a PDF on Design Science #Design