Monday, January 13, 2014

Update and test, BETT and IPEX

I notice Will Pollard has started a new topic on the LinkedIN group for #mtw3. I understand he is thinking about BETT and later IPEX so the content of #mtw3 can be revised. I don't propose to start any new topics at this time. It seems clear enough that the various versions of the John Burgoyne keynote are an update of ideas around the learning organisation for online. This is the starting point and we usually end up with forms of publishing such as Knowledge Unlatched, a major innovation project at the Work Foundation. I can see how this might fit with BETT but there is really only the rest of this week to do this. It may be better to wait for the month of February when there will be a lot more time ahead of IPEX in March. Of course the conference structure could be repeated at any time.

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