Friday, June 13, 2014

Something seems to be happening around September

I notice Will Pollard has posted about #mtw3 being revived around the actual event "Managing and Organising Across Borders". the blog is at Hello Spiders and the event website is HERE.

I also notice he has revised the Google doc that shows an outline of the agenda for how Management Theory at Work can flow as a discussion. I realise this is becoming more obvious as the technology for publishing links back to the original keynote. But I think the low priority for virtual worlds is a bit unfortunate. I am still working on this official #mtw3 blog and also updating the Twitter feed. It is true that not much has happened recently but I don't think #Virtual should just be dropped. I continue to exist in Twinity and although the map data is a problem we can still move between spaces.

Good luck to the actual Work Foundation and real time such as September but this is not the only reality.

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