Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kolb recycled and in draft

On Will Pollard's Posterous blog there is a cut and paste from a version of a Kolb cycle intended to be easier to compare with a Deming cycle. The original was found through a Tweet and blog by Steve Wheeler.    (@timbuckteeth) .

John Burgoyne has commented on this and mentioned a new paper- EASTERN EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: EASTERN PRINCIPLES FOR LEARNING WHOLENESS by MAI P. TRINH and
DAVID A. KOLB. I have found a draft version available online-

Of course it will be worthwhile to find the Special Issue of the Journal of Career Planning and Adult Development. For one thing the diagrams will be in the right place. But this version is interesting and I am planning some time to read it. It follows on from John Burgoyne's talk, the second part with projections on Asian values and consumption.

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