Saturday, April 28, 2012

Updated outline of an actual day.

The previous post about the outline of a possible day in September still looks reasonable. There has been a bit more interest through the Critical Management site. So the stats tell me. On one of the hotseats for the Networked Learning Conference it was suggested that Analytics could be a nightmare or even fairy dust. But I find stats quite useful sometimes. The book on Cloud Time is now published and there are extracts on the Amazon Look Again. Something in this area would balance the technology claims that others are likely to make. The Cloud is still gaining I think but then I live in Twinity. My colleague Will Pollard has blogged about the LCC. I don't see why this could not be covered just because some situations are difficult. By the way Source Dubious tells me that the LCC building is only 12 stories high. The Ministry of Sound is planning for 30 stories in a rebuild. So the rumours about the LCC site could have a basis. Apparently the Elephant and Castle is a booming area. I'm not sure about everything that Source Dubious tells me but there must be something to this. Meanwhile I have noticed that there will be a couple of days to celebrate 30 years of the MA in Management Learning and Leadership at Lancaster. This will link to some social media and topics may include avatars so this is very interesting for me. I think the face-to-face event is free so suggest you have a look if you are near Lancaster at the end of May.

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