Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Source Dubious tells me about performance targets

I recently visited Source Dubious at his Fleet Street flat. I like to check his blue screen seat is still there and also he often has some information. We got talking about the quality meetings that seem to happen towards that end of London. He has heard that some people have raised doubts about the performance targets sometimes suggested by HR. It was all a bit of a puzzle as it seemed quite like what I sometimes hear about QA.

I do hope lots of people will join the discussion around Management Theory at Work, either as comments on this blog or the LinkedIn group or now on Facebook. Search for #mtw3 , this often works. The Facebook group has a couple of other photos so you could experiment with collage. I find that Twinity is not for everybody.


  1. Have you seen this report in the Guardian?
    These performance targets for people working on cruises are coming from HR and have the same effect as QA is sometimes supposed to. Speculation from avatars can be confirmed sometimes from other sources.

  2. Yesterday I was leafing through some old notes and saw a copy of a write up about a furniture store in Houston. They did away with pure commission sales pay and went over to a decent salary plus a share in a quarterly bonus that was paid out to everyone.

    The owner of the company was heavily influenced by W Edwards Deming. It took him three of Deming's four-day seminars before he "got it". Once implemented sales rocketed up and staff turnover dropped out of sight. Targets not required!