Monday, April 2, 2012

Draft outline of a day conference shape

I am still thinking about what the day might be like if there was a face to face version of the third Management Theory at Work. It is quite possible this would be at the Work Foundation in London as it is now closely aligned with Lancaster University. A high proportion of those attending would probably be already involved in the Work Foundation so the practitioner aspect could be even stronger than for the first two conferences. There could still be a significant thread for CMS and Organizational Learning. But I am not sure how the closing plenary will work out. There may need to be three of them or at least some options. Fortunately the Work Foundation has many rooms.

See the previous post for a YouTube version of what might happen. The opening keynote is definitely from John Burgoyne. Similar to what is on YouTube but he seems to welcome questions so it could vary. There will probably be something on Organisational Learning but I don't know how much time this will take. The Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management Second Edition is just over 700 pages. I keep looking on YouTube for some sort of introduction.

There could be different streams for case studies, theory and critique. There is already an #mtw3 cloud on Cloudworks so Cloudworks itself could be a case study. The OU is studying Analytics as "dream, nightmare or fairydust" (search on these words to find it) so there could be something for each stream.

There are enough blog posts about the London College of Communication for another possible case study at another stage of technology. I am not sure how public this can be but there coulkd be informal discussion during the day.

There is a new book about the cloud - Cloud Time by Rob Coley and Dean Lockwood - that "maps capitalisms mobilization of cloud computing in its bid to archive and enclose the future". This could be part of a critique stream. Interest in the cloud continues.

There should be space for several papers, including work in progress for PhD s . I notice that when John Burgoyne is invited to speak there are usually other topics that seem to follow on from the first two events. Some links so you can have a look.

Lancaster Senior Learners Forum

University Campus Suffolk, School of Business, Enterprise and Leadership
Past Lectures

Management Theory at Work Two - programme from 2003

Management Theory at Work 1

The Grove Volume 1 Number 1 2012 International Journal of Experience and Reflection

So I think I will look for connections over the next few weeks. The way to end the day is still a bit of a blank.

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