Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another year of the MOOC

There is continuing interest in the MOOC. I have heard a lot about them from my colleague Will Pollard. He has joined up with the OLDS MOOC and his blog mentions MoSO as a project. I can see some overlap between MoSO and #mtw3 but I think there could also be a more specific project.

Design Science is an interesting topic, mentioned by John Burgoyne in his keynote so it relates to organisation. I am not sure the MOOC discussion has yet covered the effect of technology on how education is structured. The Work Foundation considers innovation in publishing and the MOOCs will alter the context for this.

I have registered for Cloudworks so hope to keep up without doing the full course. I don't need any more badges but good luck to those who play the game. I may offer help in how to take open resources apart and create something else. This is interesting, as in how to take content from a conference and create forms of publishing.

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