Tuesday, February 14, 2012

YouTube extend Burgoyne lecture from Suffolk Campus, more on social media

This #mtw3 event is gaining a bit of momentum. John Burgoyne spoke in Suffolk last month and the talk is on YouTube as sound and slides. So far it is not public but you can find the links on the Suffolk webpage. Keep scrolling to the bottom.

I have been sent the slides and a note so have loaded these to Scribd. Please click HERE I added a note promoting this blog which I think I should have done with the Grove Journal. So far we have the John Burgoyne opening keynote as a journal article and a YouTube clip, well over an hour with questions. And it seems the rest of the shape of the event comes from the company this is found in.

For example I am interested in the John Peters lecture about trust. This has led me to GSE Research and a LinkedIn group discussion on journals. So far the Grove Journal is free to download from Scribd but what is the business model going forward? As an avatar I worry about these things. Twinity has stopped all the spaces between dwellings as part of an austerity measure, something about the costs of renting map information. Life is still possible, but this is not a viable future.

LinkedIn has suggested I join the group for the British Academy of Management. I find they are discussing social media. Click HERE for link. So this is encouraging for the online phase of this event. September is a long way off for a face-to-face. Much could happen sooner.

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